Hello everyone!

We returned from the Galapagos today (it was incredible), and are at long last enjoying the right combination of hardware, software, connectivity, and time required to post these videos.  To anyone who has been anticipating this long overdue post, I sincerely apologize. 

First, we present you with three songs written for the Mother’s Day celebration at Escuela Santa Ana de Pedregal.  The first is the brilliantly titled “Mi Mama Me Mima Mucho (My Mom Spoils Me a Lot)”.  These kids have lots and lots of energy, which made them fun to work with.  The paper airplane flying by during the intro says it all. 


Mi Mama me mima mucho, por eso digo gracias.

Mi Mama me dio vida, esta cancion es suyo.

Desde lo profundo de mi corazon:

Gracias mamita, ella me cuida, y te quiero mucho.

(Translation: My mom spoils me a lot, for this I say thank you. / My mom gave me life, this song is for her. / From the bottom of my heart: thank you mom, you take great care of me, and I love you so much.)

Next we have the solemn and thoughtful homage to home, “Nuestro Hogar (Our Home)”, written and performed by grades 5-7 of the same school.  The theme of this song was chosen while rapidly backpedalling away from the theme of “Moms” (see our post from the Sierra for more details).  If anyone has read that post and is wondering, Darwin is the kid on the yellow block, in the blue fleece.

The lyrics are:

(Translation: Our home, the rivers are strong, and the volcanos are huge, and the trout is delicious.  /  Our home, we love the way it is, because the people are good, and life is beautiful.  /  From the central park of Machachi to the peak of Cotopaxi / All of this is my beautiful land, all of this is my beloved home.)

Thirdly and lastly from this school, we have “Dia de la Madre”, a pretty waltz for the mothers.  These kids were really motivated students, except for that one in the back.  He was pretty much over us from the beginning, but we managed to trick him into participating occasionally. 

If we could do it over again, I would probably arrange the song so that these 6 year old kids didn’t have to try to sing that Isaac Hayes style bass melody I wrote for the chorus.  Oopsy daisies!


En este Dia de la Madre quiero decir que te amo (repeat).

Me gusta ayudar mi mama en la casa, y me gusta cantar porque la amo tanto.

(Translation: On this Mother’s Day, I want to say that I love you.  / I like to help my mom in the house / And I sing because I love her so much.)

We began working with the community of plantain farmers the following week, and although we spent just 4 short days there, they were fruitful (no pun intended) and memorable.  The older half of the school wowed us by crafting an extremely mature set of lyrics about love, and putting them to a slow R+B groove.  This song is called “Incomparable”.


El amor es incomparable con todo lo que hay en el mundo.

Nada puede igualarlo, nada compara el amor, que yo siento por ti.

Tu no puedes imaginar, lo que siento por ti.  Te necesito como el aire. 

Las palabras que me decias eran muy bonitas, pero no se comparan a ti. 

Por amor yo haria qualquier cosa.  Por amor, cruzaria los mares.

Para mi, tu eres mi sol, y te quiero. 

(Translation: Love is incomparable to anything in the world. / Nothing can equal it, nothing can compare to the love that I feel for you.  / You can’t imagine what I feel for you.  I need you like I need air.  /  The words you said to me, were beautiful, but they can’t compare to you.  / For love, I’d do anything.  For love, I’d cross the seas.  For me, you are my sunshine, and I love you.)

Finaly, here are the younger kids from that school, singing their perpetual motion singalong “Mis Amigos” amidst the banana trees. It is an ode to friendship.


Mis amigos son amables, con ellos me gusta jugar

Mis amigos son respetos, con ellos my gusta cantar

Nos gusta jugar en la loma y en el columpio

Nos gusta jugar en la ronda, mis amigos me quieren mucho.

(Translation: My friends are nice, we like to play together. / My friends are respectful, we like to sing together.  / We like to play on the hill, and the swingset. / We like to play in the field, my friends really care about me.) 

We are very sad to say that we don’t currently have any video from our latest endeavor in the private schol.  We are working hard to get our hands on that footage (and it is out there, we saw people filming), but it could be a while before we track it down and get it uploaded.  It really is a shame because they wrote some really great music with us and we’d love to show it to you. 

We’ll let you know as soon as that happens.  In the meantime, we have to get to Peru before our Ecuadorian visa expires later this week!  We’re leaving our new favorite country in the world behind for the unknown, with vitually no connections and very tenuous plans.  Hopefully our luck will continue as it has been and everything will come together at the last minute. See you soon, hopefully…